I was inspired to write The StoryBook Changes! Series after
providing treatment for over 17 years to children who have
language delays secondary to autism, Down Syndrome,
Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and a host of other speech
and language developmental challenges.

As their child’s speech pathologist, parents and caregivers
constantly ask me to suggest materials that they can use with
their child in the home which support concepts developed in
therapy sessions. Loving, concerned parents and caregivers
are desperately searching for resources to supplement their
child’s speech-language therapy, and more importantly, be
involved, with helping their child become empowered through
their increased functional communication abilities. In order to
help meet their needs, I have written The StoryBook Changes!
™ series, a powerful tool designed to do just this.

The StoryBook Changes! series is designed to support
caregivers empowering children to:
  • Make choices (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Label common objects/people/animals/etc.
  • Reduce echolalia
  • Ask and answer simple, contextual "wh" questions, using
    grammatically correct sentence structure
  • Use prepositions
  • Make associations
  • Categorize
  • Detect and correct sabotage
  • Comment
  • Describe (textures, colors, shapes, sizes, feelings, actions)
  • Turn-take with a loved one

The first therapy book in The StoryBook Changes! Series,
"Where's the Dog?" is print-ready. I am actively seeking a
literary agent and/or a publisher for this series.

Julie A. Roberts, M.S, CCC-SLP
Bayou City Speech & Language LLC
Houston, Texas

The StoryBook Changes! ™

"Inspired by children with
language delays; created
for the adults who love
Julie A. Roberts,

Beautiful, exciting children's
picture books written by an
experienced, licensed and
ASHA certified
pathologist, developed for
parents and caregivers, to
use with children who have
language delays.

About The StoryBook Changes! ™ Series: